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With my lady and lady liberty
Cheap Trekking :: Story
As a child, I explored the "wilds" of my neighborhood, and "discovered" waterfalls in William B. Bankhead National Forest. I love to see what's down the trail.

Today, I take breaks from work and reconnect with nature, no cell phones allowed! Stress free time alone in the forest, or with my family (no arguing on the trail)!

One day as I searched the internet for trail information, I realized how expensive my childhood hobby had become. With bills, and "bauble" for my wife, there wasn't much $$ left for the trail, much less any gear :( Soon, I became frustrated with the fleecing of outdoor lovers, and was born.

Today, most of my time is spent:
Trekking around the southern Appalachians
Being a dad, working, etc.
Dreaming, designing, and inventing-
Hammocks, stoves, kitchen sets, gear

Click to see the APASAC- A Pack /A Saw /A Chair!

I hope you find this site useful. Feel free to say hello.